Our Story

We are Amy (blond) and Rachel (brunette) and we are the Founders and Co-Owners of Buggabee Bows.  We love creating beautifully hand-crafted hair bows, clips, and headbands from our homes to yours! 
The Buggabee Dream
We have been friends for 11 years and have four daughters between the two of us.  We each had dreams to start making unique and stylish bows for our own daughters and eventually wanted to turn that into a business creating bows for others as well.  During a family vacation in 2016, we made plans poolside over a bottle of wine, and with a BIG vision in mind, Buggabee Bows was born! 
Moms on the Go
As a former Teacher and former corporate Marketing Director, we bring many years of creativity, innovation, brand building, and community connection to our business.  And as moms of a group of girls ages 3 to 15, well....that just makes us masters of everything!
A Few of Our Favorite Things
We live in sunny Florida and love coffee, Netflix, yoga, spending time outdoors, traveling, Disney World, and spending time with our girls.  We value the importance of family dinners, hands-on learning, and music, and are passionate about raising confident, curious, independent daughters.   
 Our Mission
We set out to create bows that were unlike any others out there.  We wanted styles that were unique yet simple, that complemented our little ones' personalities and interests while still allowing them to grow, be adventurous, and shine. We are committed to creating beautifully handcrafted hair accessories that will encourage your child to play, explore, and embrace exactly who they are meant to be!
Our Name
Are you wondering where the name Buggabee Bows came from?  It's a combination of two of our girls' nicknames. During our dual family summer vaca, one of Rachel's daughters started calling her sister "Maya-Bee" and calling Amy's daughter "Lana-Bugga." The cute names stuck (to this day actually) and Buggabee Bows was born!  

We hope our bows can play a part in your little ones' childhood memories, fostering their exploration and curiosity while encouraging them to be confident and dream big.